3 entry level bread machines that are great for home use


Intending to sell your house? Here’s a tip for you: bake some bread. Before you start to question my sanity, the scent of bread baking in the kitchen has long been used by real estate agents as part of the staging process when introducing prospective buyers to a property. After all, who can resist the heavenly aroma of fresh bread baking in the oven?

In Singapore, many of us have several bakeries within a 5 to 10 minute radius of our houses or workplaces, and many of us would rather invest that effort and time into activities that actually make us happy. Hence, the automatic bread maker was invented so you can now enjoy the tantalizing aroma of warm dough rising in your kitchen within an hour of simply popping raw ingredients into the machine.

As an absolute newcomer to the world of bread-making, my approach was straightforward. My bread maker just had to meet the following criteria:

• Idiot-proof • Reasonably priced • Compact for ease of storage I have shortlisted the following entry-level models that are currently available at most major electronics retailers in Singapore:

Our bread maker choices in Singapore


What do you think? If you had to shortlist 3 bread makers, would you have come up with the same few?

How would you choose – based on price, power consumption, or functionality?

Let us know your thoughts!


Where to get them?