4 Smart Locks That Turns Your Phone Into Your Key


Locks have been around for thousands of years, but the modern pin-tumbler lock was invented by Linus Yale Sr. in 1848. The basic design has been discouraging burglars to this day. However, this is starting to change as electronic locks become more commonplace and the with easier installation of such locks. If you are into digital locks, you might have visited this thread on Hardware Zone. Some of the popular brands that most people are using are Samsung, Yale and Gateman.

The price of these locks range from S$399 to S$1299 (price varies) depending on the features you are looking for. Card access? Finger-print access? Or both? These days there are a variety of digital locks to choose from.

However instead of these usual choices, why not look at something more innovative and different? Something that is more "kickerstarter"-like, something that comes with apps (since everything seems to have an app these days). We did some research and found 4 smart and cool locks that may be good alternative  to the common locks above.








August Smart Lock


After viewing the four alternatives above, what are your thoughts? Are you going for something innovative and modern? Does innovation justify the price tag? Or are you going to stick with the traditional lock and key?!