5 things to make with a Bread Machine

I'm a kitchen appliance hoarder. If you haven't realized from my previous articles by now, I LOVE home appliances (especially kitchen appliances). In a way, they are the best of two worlds- technology and yummy-stuff-maker. I heart anything that can save time, reduce space and allows you to get back to the roots of D-I-Y. You get to make your food from scratch and control exactly the ingredients that go in, the texture and the taste. YUM! There is a sense of satisfaction when you DIY and it turns out delicious. The longer term benefits are that you get to save on expensive items like greek yogurt and artisan breads.

The problem with hoarding kitchen appliances is that they are quite expensive to invest in (you don't want it to be a white elephant that you only use for 3 times) and they take up valuable kitchen counter real estate (with today's tiny flats)!  Hence for a period of my life, I took to hand kneading bread the hard way. After some sticky encounters and hours waiting for bread to proof, I received a bread machine for Christmas (all thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law)!

After some experimentation, my life was forever changed. Imagine being able to wake up to freshly baked bread thanks to the time delay function, and being able to make fresh yogurt and jams (of customized flavours). What really blew me away was the fact that the machine consisted of multi-functions besides bread-making.

Would I recommend a bread machine for everyone? Not necessarily! If you are happy with store-bought bread (because of the variety, quality and convenience), then you might not need a bread machine. But if you love to have control over your dietary requirements and you want freshly made food, then go for it! To help you maximize your potential purchase, here's 5 things to make with a bread machine! Read on also if you can't decide whether you should buy a bread machine!

Realize the full potential of your bread machine today!

(Tip: If you hate your bread looking like how it looks from the bread machine, use the bread machine to knead and bake it in a loaf pan the traditional way in the oven to get a loaf!)

5 things you can do with a Bread Machine
5 things you can do with a Bread Machine