5 Vacuum Cleaners to buy in Singapore

Karcher MV4

So it's that time of the year again! Christmas is near! Are you all ready for your annual Christmas festive gatherings? Before you get so caught up with the Turkey recipes, how about checking if you have the right tools for cleaning up the huge mess once all your guests leave. Last thing you want on a Christmas day (after your happy guests leave) is finding out that your 10 year old vacuum cleaner doesn't work! Is it time to get a more powerful vacuum cleaner? Or maybe a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that can suck in liquid spills and clear up the chocolate log cake crumbs in a jiffy! Or maybe for us really busy people, a 3 in 1 which makes sweeping, mopping and vacuuming a breeze?!

To equip you with the right tools for cleaning up (and we want to do it fast so we can enjoy what's left of our holidays), here's 5 Vacuum Cleaners for you to consider buying in Singapore!

1) Miele S6210 (Intraix's Pick!) (Retail Price: $466)

This is a powerful and compact machine that comes with huge horsepower and at a reasonable price. It's light enough to drag around the house or up and down stairs! Why is it Intraix's pick? When choosing a vacuum cleaner, we looked at factors like power, weight, length of cord (you don't want the cord to be so short that you have to keep unplugging it), filter and even noise. On the whole for this price, it is reasonable and it seems to be an all-rounder!

Miele S6210


2) Karcher MV4 (Retail Price: $278)

Karcher has a very strong reputable brand name for its vacuum cleaners. Go onto any online forum and you will find a lot of testimonials about Karcher's reliable and efficient performance. We like this model as it is good for spills and messy crumbs (both dry and wet) and is effective for post-renovation or post-christmas disasters! We also adore the huge 20 litre capacity of the vacuum cleaner which means you can clean more before having to replace the dust bag!

Karcher MV4

3) Electrolux ZUSG4061 (Retail Price: $469)

We all know that vacuum cleaners are loud and noisy. Best to avoid vacuuming when your baby is in a fussy mood and cannot sleep or when it's in the wee hours of the morning after a crazy night of house party! Here's where Electrolux comes into the picture! It has developed a few quiet models known as the "Ultrasilencer" and does it live up to its name? Yes it does! At only 61DB, it is very quiet!

Electrolux ZUSG4061


4) Dyson DC39 (Retail Price: $1099)

Dyson is known for its sleek designs (who can forget those bladeless fans) and even fancier price tag! But we can't fault a company with innovative and creative solutions! Dyson came out with a bagless vacuum cleaner with a transparent canister, something which was considered unheard of many years back. This soon became a market trend and you find that there are other similar models available. If you do not want to deal with the maintenance costs of having to replace vacuum dust bags when it is full, consider a Dyson DC39. It has a big capacity of 2 litres, albeit not the biggest but it is still decent, and easy maneuverability with its smooth ball technology. While its retail price is not cheap, consider the fact that you can reap some savings with this bagless model. Plus it looks good in any home (no need to hide it in your storage anymore)!

Dyson DC39

5) Philips Aquatrio FC7088/61 (Retail Price: $769)

We are a very hectic and busy society, with many people being hard pressed for time. Who has time to consistently sweep, mop and vacuum their floors? I must admit I probably get away with a magic clean wet wipe for most days. To me, that's a dual function: mop and sweep! Recently I acquired a steam mop and I thought it would be so much more awesome if it could vacuum too! Turns out that there is such an invention! The Philips Aquatrio! It is also bagless requiring minimal maintenance and it also claims to remove up to 99% bacteria. My main concern would be that it only has a clean water tank capacity of 0.65 litres and a dirty water tank capacity of 0.8 litres. The price tag is pretty steep at $769 (though not as expensive as Dyson) but hey busy executives need to buy time eh?! Consider getting this multi-tasker for a fuss-free and quick cleaning experience!

Philips Aquatrio

To help you compare the vacuum cleaners, we have put together an info graphic (with a comparison table below). Hopefully this helps you to decide which vacuum cleaner to buy! Merry Christmas in advance to all! :)

5 Vacuum Cleaners to buy in Singapore