6 factors for choosing the right water heater in Singapore

I'm not sure what you look forward to going home to everyday (I mean besides your dog or kid), but I most certainly hunker for a nice hot shower to relax my stiff muscles. I have always grown up having a nice, hot shower and by hot, I mean the kind which steams your toilet mirror (which you then draw weird messages on to scare your siblings). Hence imagine my horror one day when I was at my then-boyfriend's house trying to take a shower after a run. The water was COLD. I screamed and asked through the door how to get the water hot. My confused boyfriend told me to turn the heater dial to the maximum (which I had already done) and it was only then that I realized that I was not going to get a hot shower. And that, my friends, was my introduction to the instant heater.

When I was getting my flat renovated, I went back to my parents' place to scrutinize the heater. Aha! My moment of epiphany came when I realized it was a storage heater. Upon further research, it then dawned on me that the best heater to get a satisfying temperature and pressure, was the storage heater.

Unfortunately, the storage heater (despite its wonderful temperature and pressure) does have its flaws. Take for instance, the amount of ceiling space one huge tank has to occupy. For the longest time I debated with my interior designer over how to conceal the huge tank. Aesthetics? Isn't it going to be an eye sore? However due to the high costs of installing a false ceiling, we decided to leave the storage tank as it is in the common toilet. My interior designer persuaded me that over time I would learn to ignore the sight of the storage heater and that I would no longer "see" it over time.

The verdict after 4 years? I LOVEEE my hot rain showers! The pressure I get from my rain shower is amazing! But the storage tank? I STILL SEE IT!!!

I love how technology has involved over the years. Some people say that you can get the same pressure with a gas heater (not true I feel) and that instant heaters have improved in recent years (despite not being able to match up in pressure). I have also heard of horror stories where there is a gas smell each time they turn on the gas heater or the disappointment that friends face when they realize that their rain showers do not work because they installed an instant heater.

While the initial costs of a storage heater might be quite high with the piping (for a resale flat); if you are going to get an instant heater for each toilet, this might add up to about the same costs. For me, all 3 types of heaters seem to match up quite closely. But at the end of the day, my deciding factor is the fact that I need a nice, hot, strong shower. So Shiok!!

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