Ensure your home stay fresh with just Lemons

"Green homes". This term has gained a lot of attention these past few years. Using chemicals to clean at home is a harsh reality for some, so why not start being green with YOUR home? Green cleaning can be easily found if you look hard enough. Where? Simply look in your fridge- our solution to green cleaning is with the humble, often overlooked Lemon!

Lemon has primarily been used for culinary purposes such as to remove strong smells or as a garnish for dishes. "Domestic CEO" shares with us some tips on how you can clean your home with just lemons. This includes substituting bleach with lemon juice, using it to deodorize & clean the dishwasher, as well as to clean metals such as copper, brass, aluminum until they shine. Lemons are cheap in bulk, so start stocking up lemons and leave your home lemon-fresh! Read more tips here.

Cheers, Cliffton


Lydia Lok

Lydia is a former civil servant who worked on policies regarding social issues and Singapore small medium enterprises. After serving the nation for six years, she left to join the start-up scene with Intraix to be an energy super hero! With a major in Political Science from NUS (minor in English), and a specialisation in Singapore’s public administration/ policy, Lydia has a passion for all things pertaining to start-ups and social enterprises!