Defrosting: Energy saver.

Wondering why your bills spiked suddenly when your energy consumption has been kept constant? You should check your freezer. If you see lumps of ice forming, you SHOULD be worried as this means you're will be spending more than you should. A frosted freezer tends to use more energy consumption to keep items frozen and ultimately this results in malfunction.

I'm sure you do not want your trusty freezer to have an early retirement from your kitchen battlefield. Domestic CEO from Quick and Dirty Tips teaches everyone how we should defrost our freezer on a regular basis. Pre steps should first be taken care of, by emptying the freezer and switching off the power.

There are 3 options - hot water, hair dryer, alcohol. The first option requires you to boil a pot of water and leave the pot within the freezer. Ensure the pot fits into the freezer and place a towel below the pot to soak up the melted ice. Leave it for 30mins before clearing up the remaining water. The second option, known to be the quickest method, is using hot air to melt the ice within the freezer. It is the same method as using hot water, but you skip the step of boiling water. (Don't forget to place a towel inside to soak up the water that has resulted from the melting ice) The last method uses alcohol to defrost the freezer. Apply alcohol to a clean piece of cloth and start wiping the sides. You should see the chunks of ice start melting slowly. Do note that this is not the best method but it is a fairly simple method. Besides giving tips on defrosting your freezer, Quick and Dirty Tips also gives you more insight on how to prevent huge chunks of ice forming within your fridge.

Do you not agree that "Prevention is better than cure"? So start protecting your freezer the most efficient and effective way possible. That's all for this week and until next time!

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Cheers, Cliffton

Lydia Lok

Lydia is a former civil servant who worked on policies regarding social issues and Singapore small medium enterprises. After serving the nation for six years, she left to join the start-up scene with Intraix to be an energy super hero! With a major in Political Science from NUS (minor in English), and a specialisation in Singapore’s public administration/ policy, Lydia has a passion for all things pertaining to start-ups and social enterprises!