How To Fix A Vacuum That Lost Suction?

Thinking of buying a new vacuum because your old one lost suction power? Well… Think again. Introduce ways to give your old vacuum a new life. If you are thinking of buying a new vacuum without trying these tips, you could end up wasting money on it. Your old vacuum might still be able to restore its original suction power. I introduce some tips here.

How to boost old vacuum

Always start with basic

Your vacuum is not as good as it used to be. Yeah, I know. In fact, most vacuum cleaners are gradually losing suction power. But with proper maintenance, your vacuum will suck as powerful as it did when you first bought it.


Okay. So before you start with this. Calm down. You might have gotten a little bit frustrated by vacuum’s incapability. Relax. Check out the basic things first. Surprisingly, suction power loss can come from really small little things.


Check if all parts are tightly connected. Vacuum cleaner, of course, needs to create an inner vacuum state in order to function properly. If you were using multiple types of extension tubes, check if they are installed tightly. Air leakage really limits suction power.

Any clogging?

Check from the head of vacuum cleaner to extension tube and hose till the main body, if there is any clogging. Clogging is very common in vacuum cleaner and is especially caused by hair and strings entangled inside. You might want to remove them by inserting a long stick (anything works.) along the tube and hose. Clean the brush roller located on the bottom side of vacuum head as well. It really makes a difference.


Vacuum cleaner bags or canister

As you have been using the vacuum along, you must be familiar with how to replace the bags or empty the canister. Yeah, right. However, try taking a look at the section where your bags and canisters sit. (For instance, see if there is any dust build-up on inner connectors)


Pre-motor filter

There are usually two filters. Before the main motor and after it. More often, it is the one before the main motor that dust heavily sit on it and block vacuum’s airflow. Refer to the instructions provided on the vacuum’s manual and clean the filter properly. You can wash the filter  with water and dry it but refer to the manual for correct procedures suggested by manufacturers. They are the most accurate.


You may find this…

You may find these hacks too basic and simple. But surprisingly, these are what actually make your vacuum work much better and save your money to buy another new one. People think they should buy more powerful vacuum but it will be never late to decide after you check on your old vacuum first. Powerful vacuum cleaners are good. But they are expensive, using more energy, and sometimes noisier.



Video Tutorial

Fixing A Vacuum Cleaner