Microwave: Your Kitchen Best Aid

A microwave not only heats up food, but it has several uses that can aid you while you're cooking. The following infographic by Part Select teaches you how to use YOUR microwave in the most efficient way, from making scambled eggs to getting more juice from citrus to peeling tomatoes, garlic and peaches easily. Besides cooking related hacks, it also shares with you life hacks such as steam cleaning your microwave with lemons (Yes, lemons), how to remove stamps from envelopes for collecting, and lastly how to test if your microwave is safe for use. What more can you ask for with such a humble yet amazing device?

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Cheers, Cliffton


Lydia Lok

Lydia is a former civil servant who worked on policies regarding social issues and Singapore small medium enterprises. After serving the nation for six years, she left to join the start-up scene with Intraix to be an energy super hero! With a major in Political Science from NUS (minor in English), and a specialisation in Singapore’s public administration/ policy, Lydia has a passion for all things pertaining to start-ups and social enterprises!