My experience at Intraix so far


It’s hard to imagine that it has only been a month since I joined Intraix as the company’s sixth full-time employee, as it has already been an incredible journey filled with knowledge, learning, reflection and camaraderie.

To give a brief introduction about me – I am Madhav, a recently-graduated Computer Engineering student from the National University of Singapore (NUS). I have been interested in startups (tech startups in particular) for a few years now, and on approaching graduation, I was quite certain that I would embark upon my career path by joining one of the same.

My interview process with Intraix was highly enjoyable as it was filled with insightful questions aimed to understand how I would work and fit into the company culture. I instantly felt a connection with the team and the ambitious plans that they had in store for their upcoming ventures, and I couldn’t wait to get started!

I joined the company as their Product Manager, having been interested in overseeing the progress of a product from birth to launch, and playing a part in addressing all the nuances that form a part of the journey. As a product manager, you play a key role in coordinating different aspects of the product, ensuring everyone sticks to timelines and making sure that you are in the know of what is going on throughout. Despite my limited prior experience, the company has so far offered me great freedom to execute my duties in my own style, and hasn’t been afraid to give me responsibility - right from day one.

Moreover, I couldn’t have asked for a better workspace to come to work to day-after-day.  In a previous feature, our intern Juho had already mentioned how cozy our workspace is, with abundant snacks (both healthy and unhealthy), drinks, and spaces to rejuvenate in the form of massage chairs and sofas. These perks make it even more enjoyable to come to work on a daily basis.

Intraix is based out of the newly-constructed Block79, in the midst of a startup hub. The startup culture is deeply imbibed in all my colleagues, and every day leads to inspiring conversations and new discoveries. They create a very nurturing environment that inspires one to achieve their best. They are highly encouraging, incredibly knowledgeable, and ever willing to help. They’ve also provided me very insightful feedback that has allowed me to learn and grow. Overall, it is an atmosphere that allows one to thrive.

The journey thus far has been characterized by a steep learning curve that has been highly enriching and rewarding. All of this and it’s only been a month. Based on this evidence, I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in store for the upcoming months.

Stay tuned!