Never Peel An Orange The Same Way Again!

Eating an orange is easy, but don't you find it difficult to peel one? Once you get the hang of this technique, you'll never worry getting your hands dirty.

As shared by Sara of JewelPie blog, four simple steps will give you a neat strand of oranges ready for consumption. Cut the ends of the orange, cut a slit along the sides, then gently roll the orange out.

Her demonstration only mention using mandarin oranges, but other type of oranges like the naval orange can be worked upon too.

Oh and what can you do with the leftover orange rind? The unused organge skins can also be added to your ricecooker with salt and oil during the steaming process, resulting in fragrant rice. Learn more here.


Lydia Lok

Lydia is a former civil servant who worked on policies regarding social issues and Singapore small medium enterprises. After serving the nation for six years, she left to join the start-up scene with Intraix to be an energy super hero! With a major in Political Science from NUS (minor in English), and a specialisation in Singapore’s public administration/ policy, Lydia has a passion for all things pertaining to start-ups and social enterprises!