Reflections from Intraix's Japanese Intern- Katsuya Nakano

I'm Katsuya Nakano

I'm Katsuya Nakano

Hi, I’m Katsuya Nakano, working in Intraix as an intern.

In this article I would like to tell you what I learnt from this internship.

First let me introduce myself briefly. I’m a senior studying at the University of Tokyo and majoring in chemistry and biology. Next year, I will be working as an IT consultant at a Japanese IT company.

There are two reasons as to why I joined this internship. Firstly, I wanted to know more about business by experiencing actual work in a startup. Secondly, I was keen to find out what it would be like for a Japanese to work abroad.

So what did I do in the last three weeks at Intraix? My main areas of work was to focus on:

・Researching the market change of Japanese electricity retailers related to liberalization in Japan;
・Researching on Japanese electricity companies that Intraix can potentially collaborate with for our products;
・Researching about Japanese crowd funding markets;
・Writing press releases for Japanese online media to inform them about our campaign in Indiegogo; and
・Translating Intraix’s media pitch into Japanese

Based on the various tasks I was assigned, I learnt to figure out the core objective of each tasks and how to work efficiently with different tasks on my plate.

Apart from work, I have also forged many close friendships here. There are many lively colleagues at our office. My colleagues brought me to a local hawker centre after work one day and I really enjoyed Singaporean food!

In my opinion, the main difference between Singapore and Japan is the diversity of different backgrounds, races and nationalities working alongside. The office is filled with Singaporean co-founders and employees, Indian engineers, Chinese engineer as well as an intern from Thailand. We hardly see such an office environment in Japan, so this has been really eye-opening for me. 

Intraix will be launching their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo soon for their new product KLUG. It has been an exciting journey being a part of their attempts to bring KLUG globally. Going forward, I hope to be a part of Intraix’s Japanese crowdfunding endeavor and help them with their PR when the Japanese crowdfunding campaign starts. I hope to attract as many Japanese users as possible.

At Intraix, I have learnt the importance of understanding the purpose and objective behind my assignment. I learnt how to work efficiently in the three weeks I was here. In the future, I hope to create something which can touch the lives of many people.

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Lydia Lok

Lydia is a former civil servant who worked on policies regarding social issues and Singapore small medium enterprises. After serving the nation for six years, she left to join the start-up scene with Intraix to be an energy super hero! With a major in Political Science from NUS (minor in English), and a specialisation in Singapore’s public administration/ policy, Lydia has a passion for all things pertaining to start-ups and social enterprises!