Software is the new Software

Hardware is the new software

There was an interesting debate earlier this week at the N-House in NUS - "Hardware is the new Software" and our co-founder Darrell Zhang was one of the speakers  on the panel. I couldn't attend the talk myself but the topic got me thinking - my name is Saikrishnan, a Software Architect at Intraix and here's my take on it.

Software is the new software, specifically software running on microcontrollers connected to the internet that have become surprisingly cheap and powerful in the past few years.

The advent of Raspberry Pi and the like has pushed the ceiling on what's expected from these tiny chipsets and has led the way for countless IoT startups. Now, I am not denying the role played by the hardware itself - which is crucial in enabling higher level programming languages such as Python to run efficiently on these chipsets but at the end of the day it's software that powers the next generation of hardware products in the market - all the way from the microcode on the processor controlling the electronic circuitry to the node.js server running atop of it streaming video from your dog cam.

So yes, Software is the new Software.