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From 1 July 2015, the energy market has been liberalized and if you have a monthly electricity consumption of 2,000 kWh (monthly electricity bill ~ $550), you can choose to buy electricity from private electricity retailers, and are no longer restricted to buying electricity at the regulated tariff from SP Services Limited (SPS).

Did you know?


Up to 10% discount from your current SP electrical tariff

We have partnered with energy retailers to offer you direct, cheaper prices for your electricity. Cut out the middleman today!

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Free software to help you monitor your energy consumption


What can this free software do for you? 

80% increase in productivity. No more manually checking if your lights and aircon are switched off!

Monitor your electricity budget before it reaches you. Get alerts for overconsumption!

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Be informed of any power failure. Save your fresh ingredients and maximise your profits!


Here's a summary! No hidden costs! We promise!